GDPR Compliance

GDPR-Data Protection Regulation

EU’s Data Protection Regulation GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) application will begin on 25 May 2018. Pilvia has taken this into account as part of good service and maintenance practices.

With the Data Protection Regulation, the EU data protection of EU citizens is enhanced. Each person under the Regulation are entitled to:

In the Regulation, the obligations of personal data collector or the data controller will increase substantially. The EU Data Protection Regulation can be found in the EUR-Lex information service. Pilvia Ltd is a company registered in EU member country Finland and comply with all Finnish law and norms now and in the future.

Pilvia Policies and Terms Have Been Updated

We have updated our Terms of Service and other policies so that we comply with the GDPR. Here are short descriptions of what these updated terms and policies contain.

You can always find updated version on our website at:

Terms of Service

This is the agreement between you as customer and us as service provider. Accepting this you also accept our Security, Privacy and Cookie policies.

Privacy Policy

This is how we implement privacy on our company and our services. What data we collect, how we collect it and how it is kept private.

Security Policy

Description of our infrastructure and security viewpoints of our personnel and access rights. The obligations for Pilvia as data processor can be found here.

Cookie Policy

Yes, we also use cookies on our websites and this describes how we use them.

Third Party Subprocessors

List of trusted third party subprocessors that Pilvia might use to process your personal data.

Every Website Owner Is a Data Controller

Each Pilvia hosting customer is responsible for themselves about what is been done with data that their site collects, as well as how to ensure the realization of the rights. As a site owner or developer you should be mindful what plugins or themes you install and what they do with your site data.

From the perspective of the Data Protection Regulation Pilvia Ltd act as the data processor and each of the Pilvia hosting service site owner is the data controller. Pilvia will collect only server log data from our customers sites.

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